One of the best things about JavaScript is that it’s quite easy for a beginner to pick up.

Having the best JavaScript book to guide you can make your learning journey even easier and more enjoyable.

While there’s no shortage of JavaScript learning resources on the internet, (Udemy Courses, YouTube videos, interactive tutorials…), there’s still room for good old fashioned books.

Actually, books are one of the best ways to learn JavaScript or take your knowledge to the next level.

You can comfortably read them anywhere and they serve as handy references on the language.

Whether you’re just taking up the language or looking to learn a JavaScript framework, below are the most outstanding JavaScript books currently on the market.

JavaScript Made Easy: 10 Best JavaScript Books for Beginners

JavaScript and JQuery: Interactive Front-End Web Development 1st Edition

Are you looking to learn JavaScript so you can make websites more interactive and usable? JavaScript and JQuery is the best JavaScript book for you.

What sets it apart from other programming books is that it provides one of the best visual learning experiences. The pages are laid out like a webpage rather than a textbook.

Who Is It For?

JavaScript and JQuery is one of the best JavaScript books for beginners. It assumes no prior knowledge of programming.

Actually, it’s written with people who don’t have a computer science degree in mind.

As long as you have basic HTML and CSS skills, you will have no issue understanding and implementing the content.

What You Will Learn

First off, this book will show you how to read and write JavaScript.

You will then learn an easier way to write scripts using the JQuery library.

By the end of the book, you will be able to use and customize JavaScript scripts, APIs, and jQuery plugins and even write your own scripts from scratch.


  • Suitable for absolute beginners
  • Teaches both JavaScript and JQuery
  • Clear descriptions and explanations
  • Easy to comprehend chunks of content
  • High-quality examples of code
  • Enjoyable visual learning experience


  • Some of the content is not well organized

A Smarter Way to Learn JavaScript. The new tech-assisted approach that requires half the effort

A Smarter Way To Learn JavaScript removes the two problems that make learning JavaScript tricky: retention and comprehension.

It uses web based interactive exercises to ensure you will understand and remember everything you learn. As a bonus this also ensures you will have a great time learning the language.

Hands down, it’s the best way to learn JavaScript, especially if you’ve struggled with other courses or books.

Who Is It For

If you’ve ever tried learning JavaScript and failed or are currently finding it hard to comprehend and retain what you learn, A Smarter Way To Learn JavaScript might just be the book to get you coding JavaScript successfully.

The way it’s structured also make it perfect if you have limited chunks of time to learn JavaScript.

What You Will Learn

Written for beginners, this innovative JavaScript book will walk you through JavaScript slowly.

It starts with fundamentals and gradually eases you into more complex topics.

By the end of the book, you will have built a tower of JavaScript knowledge.


  • Top rated JavaScript resource for beginners
  • Uses layman syntax language
  • Uses interactive exercises to make learning effective and fun
  • Engaging throughout the learning process
  • Quick to read bite-size portions
  • Instills good coding habits


  • Too elementary for more experienced programmers

Learn JavaScript Quickly: A Complete Beginner’s Guide to Learning JavaScript, Even If You’re New to Programming (Crash Course With Hands-On Project)

If your goal is to learn JavaScript as quickly as possible, Learn JavaScript quickly will help you rapidly acclimate to JavaScript syntax and implementation.

Intended as a quick read, it’s organized in a logical sequence and written in a clear, easy-to-understand language.

Who Is It For

Learn JavaScript Quickly is written for the newbie who wants to pick up JavaScript as fast as possible.

It also makes an excellent refresher or supplement textbook to an online JavaScript course.

What You Will Learn

Despite being a crash course, Learn JavaScript doesn’t skimp on anything.

It’s a full beginner’s guide that covers everything from the simplest basics, programming tasks, to developing complex websites.

You even get HTML and CSS guides as a bonus.


  • Great entry level or refresher course
  • Well-written with great examples
  • Clear step by step explanations
  • Reader friendly and logical approach
  • Includes HTML and CSS guides as bonuses


  • For a book aimed at absolute beginners, it doesn’t emphasize implementation enough

JavaScript for Kids: A Playful Introduction to Programming

The lighthearted JavaScript for Kids makes JavaScript fun, not just for kids but also for adults.

It teaches via step-by-step examples and funny illustrations. Kids also get to put their newfound skills in practice by coding fun games and animations like Buried Treasure, Hangman, and Snake.

Who Is It For

JavaScript for Kids is a very useful starting JavaScript resource not just for kids but also for adults with zero knowledge of programming.

It explains JavaScript in a very clear way for a beginner to understand.

What You Will Learn

The book begins with the basics like strings, arrays, and loops, and then graduates to more advanced topics like working with jQuery and Canvas.


  • Top rated JavaScript book for children
  • Kids and beginner friendly (10+ years old)
  • Fun to read and easy to understand
  • Reinforces learning with fun projects
  • Visual examples keep young minds engaged


  • Some of the chapters are hard for kids to figure out on their own

Eloquent JavaScript: A Modern Introduction to Programming

Once you’ve learned the basics of JavaScript, Eloquent JavaScript is an excellent way to dive deeper into the language.

Like the name promises, it will make you fluent in the language of the web.

The book focuses on coding real applications as and will have you writing code that’s both beautiful and effective.

Who Is It For

Eloquent JavaScript is perfect for someone who is neither a total beginner nor a total expert in the language.

Your basic knowledge will help you absorb the more difficult concepts and examples and the in depth information will expand your knowledge of the language.

What You Will Learn

This is one of the most comprehensive JavaScript book.

It’s a treasure trove of information starting from the basics of the language, browsers, asynchronous programming, node, to data immutability.


  • Excellent coverage of the JavaScript language
  • Engaging and interesting to read
  • Hands on approach with examples and projects
  • Updated to reflect the current status of the language
  • Requires you to dig deeper and consult other resources


  • The code and examples are by no means easy. This can be frustrating but is also worth it in the end as you will learn a lot.

JavaScript: The Good Parts: The Good Parts

As a result of being developed in a hurry, JavaScript is a diamond in the rough. Discard the rough parts and you will be working with a diamond of a language that’s more reliable, readable, and maintainable.

This is exactly what JavaScript the Good Parts does.

Who Is It For

If you develop websites or web applications or plan to become a serious JavaScript user, the book is a must read.

Actually, this is one of those books that should be in every JavaScript developer’s library.

What You Will Learn

This book recognizes the good parts of the language, highlights the bad parts, and the bits you should just avoid.

The knowledge offered can be a lifesaver for any serious JavaScript developer.


  • Explains the bad and good parts
  • Show how to make the most of the language
  • Easy to follow and a real page turner
  • Gives clear explanations of the language


  • Definitely not a book for beginners in JavaScript

Node.js Web Development: Server-side web development made easy with Node 14 using practical examples

Node.js Web Development is the best book for learning backend web development with JavaScript.

It teaches how to build robust and scalable web applications using Node.js, Express.js, and ECMAScript, and deploy to cloud hosting services.

Who Is It For

Node.js Web Development is for anyone who wants to learn building server-side web apps with Node.js.

It presumes a basic understanding of JavaScript and web application development.

What You Will Learn

Node.js Web Development is extremely thorough.

It will take you through an entire life cycle of developing a web app using Node.js.

From building, securing, to deploying the web app to cloud hosting services.


  • High quality tutorials and robust examples
  • Explanations are easy to grasp
  • Covers both basic and advanced concepts
  • Takes you through building, testing, to deploying
  • Teaches best practices for using Node.js.


  • Not for a comprehensive book on JavaScript

Programming Typescript: Making Your JavaScript Applications Scale 1st Edition

As a JavaScript developer, learning Typescript is a great idea as it will enable you to use a powerful static type system to scale your applications across servers, users, and engineers.

Programming Typescript is one of the best Typescript resources on the market. It will leave you both knowledgeable and enthusiastic about the language.

Who Is It For

Programming Typescript was written to help seasoned JavaScript programmers master Typescript.

But it’s not just for JavaScript users. Whether you come from a C#, Java, Python, Haskell, or Ruby background, this book can help you pick up Typescript quickly.

What You Will Learn

Regardless of your programming background, you will learn about types and how to use Typescript to write safe code and scale it.

The book covers the basics of typescript and does a fantastic job of breaking down even the more complex concepts.


  • Intuitive and practical way of teaching
  • Has a wealth of examples to follow
  • Clear and in-depth explanations
  • Covers both the language and the ecosystem
  • Enthusiastic writing style and humorous approach


  • The organization of some of the topics could be better.

Best Books on JavaScript Frameworks

Whatever you can create with JavaScript, you can do it a lot easier with JavaScript frameworks.

Here are the best books for beginners learning the most popular JavaScript Frameworks.

Full stack React: The Complete Guide to ReactJS and Friends

Full Stack React is the best book for learning and using React.

It will help you master the leading JavaScript framework and equip you to work as a professional React developer.

The concepts are presented precisely and progressively and the quality of code is top level.

Who Is It For

Anyone who needs to work with React will find Full Stack React incredibly helpful.

Even someone without prior experience in front end development will find it quite easy to follow.

What You Will Learn

True to the name, Full Stack React is a definitive guide that will walk you through the entire process of developing and deploying apps using React.

And it will not only show you how things are done but also why they are done that way and what’s happening behind the scenes.


  • Incredibly thorough coverage of the framework
  • Interesting coding exercises
  • Simplified learning curve
  • Clear and concise explanations


  • Written by six people, it’s a very thick and heavy book and not very well structured

Angular for Enterprise-Ready Web Applications: Build and deliver production-grade and cloud-scale evergreen web apps with Angular 9 and beyond

As one of the most comprehensive and well written Angular book, Angular for Enterprise-Ready Web is the book to read if you want to learn how to write and deploy solid Angular applications.

Step by step, it will take you though everything you need to know to develop and run an Angular application in an Enterprise environment.

Who Is It For

Angular for Enterprise Ready Applications has something to offer developers of all skill levels.

For the junior developer, it does a fantastic job of explaining the basics of Angular.

Still, the senior developer looking to dive into Angular development will find it useful and interesting.

What You Will Learn

This Angular book covers everything you need to know to get a secure scalable web app up and running.

From designing to deployment and beyond, it even has bonus chapters on hosting, security, and DevOps.


  • Suitable for all skill levels
  • Very comprehensive Angular resource
  • Useful for both learning and reference
  • Highlights best tools and practices
  • Clear explanations and good examples


  • A very comprehensive resource, which is both good and bad

Front-End Development Projects with Vue.js: Learn to build scalable web applications and dynamic user interfaces with Vue 2

For learning VueJS, Front-End Development Projects with Vue.js is one of the best books you can read.

A complete and well organized resource, it makes Vue pretty easy to grasp.

You will learn the basics of the framework and gain the skills to tackle real-world web projects.

Who Is It For

All developers working with Vue.js can benefit from the book. It explains basic and advanced topics in a simple and effective way and even seasoned developers will get something out of it.

What You Will Learn

The book will walk you through the process of creating and publishing a Vue application. It also offers information that will take your skills to the next level.

Once you’re done, you’ll have the confidence to tackle real-world front-end development problems using VueJS.


  • Comprehensive Vue book
  • Well organized for reference
  • Clear explanations
  • Very friendly for beginners
  • Real-life projects and activities


  • Requires a basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Node

To Wrap Up

Even though JavaScript is considered one of the easiest programming languages to pick up, it can be quite tricky to learn.

Having the best JavaScript books for beginners to supplement other learning materials can make it easier to comprehend and retain what you learn.

If you’re a seasoned JS developer, the right book can take your skills to the next level.

Hopefully, this guide has helped you find the right book to help you get started on the right track or up your skills so you can become a rock star JavaScript developer!

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