Because coding is awesome!

Coding is fun, a fantastic career choice and easier to begin learning than most people think.

Take this example (you can run it here):

from datetime import datetime
print("Hello, today's date is " + str(

Boom! You just wrote your first program (and first two lines of Python code) by telling the computer to print the current date. And it will change each time you run it.

That first line lets your program understand how to use time and dates. The second line prints the current date and time.


And by the way…

Can you guess which subject most schools don’t teach?

Programming. It’s not as difficult as you might think. You don’t need to be a genius. Check out this video, released in 2013 but still very relevant to this day.

Start learning to code

There are many places on the web to learn how to code: tutorials, online courses, code camps, books, etc. Doesn’t matter if you are new to coding or have experience and learning new tech.

The Problem is…

The problem is each one of those online destinations gives you a relatively small bit of information. About how to do one thing or another. As a result, it’s harder to find a clear, end-to-end perspective on what it takes to successfully start in tech, become a great coder, software engineer or career tech professional.

There should be a way to easily see how things tie together. And in a one step after another approach.

That’s where Go With Code fits in

We believe being successful in your tech career is about learning the fundamentals really well and leveraging them to be a good problem solver.

Think of it this way: People have problems they need help with in the tech world and in general. If you can solve them there is value and money in that.

And it follows, being able to first identify a problem exists (or if it doesn’t!) and then clearly understanding that problem is key to your success. Knowing how to code helps you implement solutions to whatever that problem is.

The Bigger Picture

So, it’s more than just knowing one or multiple programming languages. Learning how different pieces fit together in the coding world (the bigger picture) is key and is what we help people understand.

Start by learning to code here, or view all the best places to learn to code for free.

We’ve also offer resources and tutorials on coding.

Thank you, have fun and happy coding! 🙂