SQL and NoSQL represent two popular types of database technologies and every developer should know why they are important. And when it comes to managing databases, one of the biggest decisions organizations, developers, data scientists, and sometimes even project managers have to make is whether to use SQL or NoSQL. So what are SQL and […]

Cloud computing is all the rage right now. Not exactly sure what the cloud is? It’s OK, we’ll explain 🙂 Think of the “cloud” as services you can use that run “on the internet”. Whenever you watch Netflix, browse popular websites (like Google, Facebook, etc.), use apps or play games that you’ve not downloaded and […]

When computers were first introduced, before Windows and before Mac was ever a thing, the command line (also referred to as console, command prompt or shell) was the primary way to interact with a computer. Today, operating systems are way more advanced and have a well-developed graphical user interface (GUI). Most computer users are happy […]